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Important Plan Vital information regarding new contract dates, changes period and transition period.

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Important updates and special communications about your Plan Vital

  • Important information regarding pharmacy terminations:

    Farmacia Hospital San Cristóbal
    Farmacia Gabriela
    Farmacia Gabriela 1
    Farmacia Gabriela 2

    Download letters in PDF

    Circular Letter 23-0404 | Circular Letter 23-0420

  • Normative Letter 23-0427

    Shortage of several oncology drugs.

    Download Letter in PDF | File weight: 53 kb

  • What you should know about the recertification process

    A recertification is the process of reviewing or updating the evidence of the beneficiaries, who already have the benefit of the Vital Plan and Medicare Platino.

    Download the brochure in PDF | File weight: 1.5mb

  • Countersignature Rules and Medical Specialty

    Plan Vital Beneficiary. Don’t forget that, as part of your coordinated care, it is important that your PCP or a doctor within your Primary Medical Group countersigned the pharmacy medication prescription you receive from your specialist physicians. Check with your pharmacy that your refills comply with this requirement to avoid any setbacks with your treatment. If you have any questions call our Triple-S Vital Call Center at 1.800.981.1352 (TTY 1.855.295.4040) from 7am to 7pm seven days a week.

  • Normative Letter 22-1021-1

    Important Plan Vital information regarding new contract dates, changes period and transition period.

    Download the guide in PDF | File weight: 333 KB

  • If the drugstore does not have your Losartan/Hydrochlorothiazide at hand, it can give out both meds and bill them separately. To get your meds, call or visit your drugstore and mention Normative Letter 2022-0321. PSG_4038_2022_039_E

  • ASES developed a process to give you insulin after being in the hospital for emergency. The drugstore can give you this supply within 10 days after your discharge from the hospital or ER. To get it, take a recent insulin prescription to the drugstore and present your release summary from the hospital. When you call or visit your drugstore for this, mention Normative Letter 22-0303. PSG_4038_2022_040_E

  • The hormonal medications in the Vital Plan Formulary will be covered to beneficiaries without restriction due to gender (male or female). You can receive your prescribed hormone.

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