Keep your Medicaid
information updated

Make sure you complete the Medicaid eligibility recertification process on time to avoid losing your benefits.

What you should know about the Medicaid recertification process

What is it?

  • This is how Vital Plan and Medicare Platinum Plan beneficiaries can review or update their proof of eligibility for Medicaid.
  • If Medicaid does not automatically recertify you, you will receive a Recertification Notice in the mail along with a Recertification Form for you to complete.

When should I complete it?

  • Once you receive the notice, you must complete the process within the period specified by Medicaid, not before or after..
  • If you have not received the notice, contact the Medicaid office to make sure they have your correct contact information.

What do I do if my recertification period has expired, and the Medicaid Office cancels my plan coverage?

  • If you didnt complete the process by the deadline Medicaid sent you, you can retroactively enroll by completing your application within the next 120 days of your deadline..
  • However, during these 120 days, you will not have medical plan coverage, and you will not be able to receive your health benefits through the Vital Plan.
  • You can retroactively complete your application through the same methods as the regular process.

How do I complete the recertification process?

Fill out your form

First, fill out the form you receive by mail. You can submit it in person, return it by mail, complete it online or download the ASES Vital mobile application.

Find the necessary information and documents

Regardless of whether your circumstances have changed, you will need to submit the documents listed here*.
*Document available only in Spanish.

Provide information about new family members

If there are new family members in your household, you should submit their information along with these documents*.
*Document available only in Spanish.

How do I send or submit my Recertification Form?

Important reference documents for the Recertification process

Documents only available in Spanish.

Document File
Brochure Vital Plan Medicaid Download
Certification of drug expenses for continuous use Download
How to complete my Medicaid Recertification Application for the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan? Download
How to verify the termination of my eligibility for the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan? Download
Directory of local Medicaid regions Download
Documents required to evaluate your application for benefits Download
How can I renew my Puerto Rico Government Health Plan benefits through the Citizen's Portal? Download
ASES Vital App functionality Download

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